Update on Beauty to the RESCUE

I just wanted to thank all of you who participated in the event and helped to make it such a success. We raised $13,000 for the cats and dogs in our system. Every penny raised at this event goes directly to the care and support of the many many homeless dogs and cats we have rescued from the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Facilities here in the valley. These sweet little furry balls of love are waiting in our system for their forever homes to come along and thanks to you and your support they can rest a little more comfortably with food, medical care and shelter paid for. Rest assured that we do not euthanize our rescues but keep them safe and healthy until we are able to find them the most perfect of homes to live out the rest of their sweet lives.

If you are interested in supporting this great cause please head over to www.azrescue.com and remember to Adopt - Donate - Volunteer! If you are not from here then please do a search on local shelters in your area and find a way to give back to those who love you unconditionally. I promise that it will change you forever (in a good way)!