The Tech Don...

UPDATE -- So, have gone over to visit them yet? They have some great reviews posted on phones, computers and more. Check it out and be sure to enter into the contest listed below if you haven't already. It ends tomorrow so get a move on it!

Hahaha! I finally found a site that feeds my inner geek and my inner nerd at the same time! the Tech Don looks like a mobster (a genre that fascinates me to no end...don't get me started) and talks about tech stuff via their web magazine which I love! Check it out.

The Tech Don is 1 month old and to celebrate they are giving away 3 laptops valued at $3,000 each. Oh count me in! They are giving away to 3 lucky lucky people their choice of some pretty impressive machines (excuse my drool).

The winners get to choose from:

A compact, ultraportable, lightweight 1.72 pound Toshiba Portege R500-S5004 that features a 12.1″display and it’s the world’s thinnest notebook. (small but seriously kick booty)

Their second laptop is for gamers. The Dell XPS M1730 has good looks and amazing performance.

And last but certainly not least (and I think my favorite) is a monster laptop, a portable entertainment center, a HP HDX with a 20.1″display. This big baby is really amazing. Although it’s not portable like a normal laptop (it weights almost 16 pounds) this HDX features a True HD 1080p display and more.

You seriously need to check these out so head on over (via my link above) and get to drooling on your own keyboard before you short mine out! What are you waiting for? Go. Shoo. Be gone. Oh and if you win remember to invite me over to break your knee caps and steal my new toy! Oops, there goes my mobster side (I tried to warn you). Sorry!