New things coming...

I am working on a new blog. One that I can customize and even get comments on. Stay tuned for the new site address when I am ready to share it!

OK...since you asked so nicely...here it is....lisaslaughingplace.blogspot.com. It is raw and new and nothing is on it yet but give me a little time and I will start blogging with a little more regularity.

Thanks for your patience. :c)


Comments working for now...

Well...I am still frustrated by my inability to get my comments working using the upgraded templates but it is not something I have time to deal with anymore. I have reverted back to classic and made some other adjustments for the timebeing. So for now you have the ability back to leave comments.

Use them up...talk away...I want to hear from you since I have been forced to live in internet silence for so long. What's on your mind???


Lovesac Baby Lovesac

Update..I have it and the shock is starting to settle so I will be back tonight to give you the skinny on the new Love in my life! Bare with me as my throat is scratchy from all the screaming and my legs are sore from all the jumping. :c) Tune in later for some fun pictures.

Great News....

The heavens have opened and the angels are singing. My Lovesac is set to arrive any day now!

You will all be the first to know when it arrives. Just listen for the ecstatic screaming outside and that will be me. Don't let the miles fool you...I promise you will hear me!

Isn't it pretty ---->


The Tech Don...

UPDATE -- So, have gone over to visit them yet? They have some great reviews posted on phones, computers and more. Check it out and be sure to enter into the contest listed below if you haven't already. It ends tomorrow so get a move on it!

Hahaha! I finally found a site that feeds my inner geek and my inner nerd at the same time! the Tech Don looks like a mobster (a genre that fascinates me to no end...don't get me started) and talks about tech stuff via their web magazine which I love! Check it out.

The Tech Don is 1 month old and to celebrate they are giving away 3 laptops valued at $3,000 each. Oh count me in! They are giving away to 3 lucky lucky people their choice of some pretty impressive machines (excuse my drool).

The winners get to choose from:

A compact, ultraportable, lightweight 1.72 pound Toshiba Portege R500-S5004 that features a 12.1″display and it’s the world’s thinnest notebook. (small but seriously kick booty)

Their second laptop is for gamers. The Dell XPS M1730 has good looks and amazing performance.

And last but certainly not least (and I think my favorite) is a monster laptop, a portable entertainment center, a HP HDX with a 20.1″display. This big baby is really amazing. Although it’s not portable like a normal laptop (it weights almost 16 pounds) this HDX features a True HD 1080p display and more.

You seriously need to check these out so head on over (via my link above) and get to drooling on your own keyboard before you short mine out! What are you waiting for? Go. Shoo. Be gone. Oh and if you win remember to invite me over to break your knee caps and steal my new toy! Oops, there goes my mobster side (I tried to warn you). Sorry!


A Papasan Chair is the WORST! Get me a LoveSac Baby!

Non-Sequiter of the day! Ok so I used to have a Papasan chair and while I admit they look cool the truth is that they suck for those of us who are not "coordinated" and graceful. Those of you who know me know that while I may portray the beauty and grace of a ballerina in my mind I in all reality I am about as graceful as a Rhino. Especially when it comes to stairs. Suffice it to say, I have learned how to tuck and roll to save my head on the way down. Trust me here...it works!

At any rate, most of you may not know that my lack of grace also extends to furniture that is balanced precariously on a stand. Several years ago when I was an apartment dweller I owned such a piece of furniture. Long story short (too late) I had just gotten out of the shower, gotten dressed and put on my "pretty face" (make-up). I decided to settle into my Papasan Chair to enjoy a nice cold coke and a good book. I sat, pulled up my legs and proceeded to topple completely over in the friggin' chair. The soda hit the deck with me and then shot straight up into my face and up my nose. NICE! That chair was history. It wasn't that it just happened this one time, it was that this was something like my 7th or 8th time. WTFront Door???

What would have served me better then as well as now was/is a LoveSac. I have tried them at the mall and I love them. You could lose yourself in one and since it is on the ground I am much less likely to crash on my butt in one! Pingandwin is having a giveaway for one lucky person(read ME) to win a SuperSac and I really really want to win one. Head over to Ping and Win by clicking on the header above for the link and check it out!

Happy Adversary to Us!

I am going to pat myself on the back a little today so you will have to indulge me.

What is my pat-worthy item you may be asking yourself?

Well, it is none other than my 12th Wedding Adversary which we are celebrating today!

Adversary??? Let me explain. We call it our Adversary because we believe that we are both worthy Adversaries of one another! We are constantly challenging one another and usually in good ways, though not always (it is marriage afterall and even a bed of roses is bound to have a thorn or two in the mix every now and then). But hey...a challenge is a challenge and like I said, he is a worthy adversary so I am honored to have been with him for so many years.

Another pat worthy note is that this year also marks our 17th year as a couple. That means that I have been with my husband for half my life. This is an accomplishment I am very proud of.

Always remember that I love you sweetie! Happy Adversary!

I do have another pat worthy anniversary to share and this one involves my 2 BFF's. We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary as friends. It is strange to think it has only been a year but we really just hit it off almost instantly and we have spent an untold and to be honest almost insane amount of time together since. We have slowly started to grow our trio and I think our newest additions are very complimentary to our dynamic so I am excited to see what the future holds for our little group. It really is a blessing to have such amazing and supportive friends and it is no small miracle that all of our kids get along famously. Whew!

So Happy Adversary to my BFF's B & H. I love you both.


Happy Easter To My Peeps!

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter!

We had a great time at the Mackey's 2nd Annual Easter Party & Egg Hunt! There were tons of people and a gaggle of kids but it all seemed to flow together with ease. No fights, few tears and lots and lots of laughter. That is what being with friends is all about!

Here are a few more cute pictures of Bailey in her Easter finery. Enjoy!