Comments working for now...

Well...I am still frustrated by my inability to get my comments working using the upgraded templates but it is not something I have time to deal with anymore. I have reverted back to classic and made some other adjustments for the timebeing. So for now you have the ability back to leave comments.

Use them up...talk away...I want to hear from you since I have been forced to live in internet silence for so long. What's on your mind???


Lovesac Baby Lovesac

Update..I have it and the shock is starting to settle so I will be back tonight to give you the skinny on the new Love in my life! Bare with me as my throat is scratchy from all the screaming and my legs are sore from all the jumping. :c) Tune in later for some fun pictures.

Great News....

The heavens have opened and the angels are singing. My Lovesac is set to arrive any day now!

You will all be the first to know when it arrives. Just listen for the ecstatic screaming outside and that will be me. Don't let the miles fool you...I promise you will hear me!

Isn't it pretty ---->