Nice Weekend...

So I had a very nice weekend. I spent all of it with my daughter and several of my BFF's. I got some much needed progress done on my table runner which I have named Sew In Hell (so in hell...get it) because I feel like I am SO IN HELL when I work on it. The pattern is lovely and the finished product is something I am satisfied with (although I am not totally finished with it), but the instructions were written by Big Footed Leprechauns who have clearly never read them back once they put them together. If it were not for B, I would have quit sewing because of this project! Thanks B!

I also got the chance to stock up on some good Karma by helping H & R out. They needed some together time so I babysat their 2 kids allowing them to go on an all important and much needed date. It was nice to be able to just help a friend. Sadly my Karma went south when my daughter woke up just after they got home and panicked so badly about being in a strange place upon waking that she peed on their bed...and on me! Well to be honest, I was already a mess from Little Lord of the Diapers projectiling his medicine all over me so it was just par for the course. Thankfully H & R planned ahead with kids of their own and have a cover for their mattress. I would never have been able to live with myself otherwise. Ugh...so as the saying goes...No good deed goes unpunished and I think I paid a little extra for this one. Maybe next time I will get off a little lighter. One can hope.

Today I spent the day with H and we were just able to visit while the girls played (and argued as they tend to do now and then). Little Lord of the Diapers showed his great cleaning prowess thanks to an open baby gate. Did I mention he also earned the title of Little Lord of the Diapers today because he busted out an awesome Lord of the Dance move on H & I this evening!??! It is times like this you wish you could rewind real life and watch it all over again.

All in all it was a very good weekend and one I would most certainly like to repeat (with some minor exceptions of course). Thanks to all for the much needed girl bonding. Let's do it again sometime soon.