A Papasan Chair is the WORST! Get me a LoveSac Baby!

Non-Sequiter of the day! Ok so I used to have a Papasan chair and while I admit they look cool the truth is that they suck for those of us who are not "coordinated" and graceful. Those of you who know me know that while I may portray the beauty and grace of a ballerina in my mind I in all reality I am about as graceful as a Rhino. Especially when it comes to stairs. Suffice it to say, I have learned how to tuck and roll to save my head on the way down. Trust me here...it works!

At any rate, most of you may not know that my lack of grace also extends to furniture that is balanced precariously on a stand. Several years ago when I was an apartment dweller I owned such a piece of furniture. Long story short (too late) I had just gotten out of the shower, gotten dressed and put on my "pretty face" (make-up). I decided to settle into my Papasan Chair to enjoy a nice cold coke and a good book. I sat, pulled up my legs and proceeded to topple completely over in the friggin' chair. The soda hit the deck with me and then shot straight up into my face and up my nose. NICE! That chair was history. It wasn't that it just happened this one time, it was that this was something like my 7th or 8th time. WTFront Door???

What would have served me better then as well as now was/is a LoveSac. I have tried them at the mall and I love them. You could lose yourself in one and since it is on the ground I am much less likely to crash on my butt in one! Pingandwin is having a giveaway for one lucky person(read ME) to win a SuperSac and I really really want to win one. Head over to Ping and Win by clicking on the header above for the link and check it out!